Ostrich - Speak... Hell what more can i say???!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I stared at the steaming pile of corned beef in front of me.

It wobbled gently from side to side from the force of its landing

Little bits of onion and tomato made it all the more vivid

I thought to myself, " This meat has issues"

And ate it anyway

Sometimes we are unable to resist pleasures of the flesh

Even if it has a neurotic pesonality

Or does that just make it more appealing on a very base level

Well atleast i didn't have to club it on the head and drag it cavewards

It slopped itself on my plate very compliantly

And i ate it with a fork, napkin tucked into my collar...very civilised

Almost civilised enough to disguise the primordial oozy nature of its appearance

Given a millenia or two it might have evolved into something sentient

Alas today i shall have to deal with dumb meat

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

House arrest

vis a vis a vis a vis a vis a vis a vis a

no i dont' mean face to face... it my new favourite chant. I want my Visa so i can go back to london and get on with my life! I have a languishing band, a restless hand and a pen that won't stop writing songs. I need to get them finished with the rest of the fellas and i'm also experiencing severe gig withdrawals. I need to play soon before i tear my hair out/pluck my eyebrows with a pair of pliers/ Go on a depressed diet of mashed potatoes and Rufus Wainwright...

On the bright side finally got the track i did with a very good producer in london. It sounds sthooper...i'm very happy with it.

To be quite honest i'm tired of chronicling....maybe you should read my poetry blog instead? www.ostrachised.blogspot.com

or listen to my songs on www.myspace.com/samiramohamed ?

or try rubbing your tummy and the top of your head in opposite directions?

Or wink at an autodriver and see what happens next?

Or drink a beer while standing on one foot?