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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A much younger love

I love a stranger
Whom I’ve known for many years past
Since school dances and bygone fashion
He plays a guitar
Better than I can hope to
And for that I love him
He’s far away.
Further away than ever in those Internet cafes
But closer than many in close proximity
It hinges on the promise of a future
And the things that could be
Togetherness seemed so perfect
It was
Whether it will stay that way
Time will tell
Till then we hang to the dream of that perfection
Not knowing as children what to do
Perhaps as adults it will come around
And then they will be actualized
Till then we creak on the hinge
Oiled by non personal communication
And the memory of the last brief perfect setting.
At the back of my mind there exists fear
From the uncertainty
And the wild oats are there too
I long for them
But I fear risking love
Over sexual gratification
From another stranger
Who I haven’t known that long
And probably will not know after.
Impulsive behavior is pristine
And rationality is the corrosive element
That keeps us joined in this many mile bridge
But in chaos there is opportunity
And the principle that drives every human war
Is dealt with and broken down
Only at the micro level
So it is foretold
That the chaotic hormonal activity that is love
Will cause it to be nulled
In its own self destructive nature
Nurtured by human nature
And we gaze longingly at an exploit from different corners
And feel that our time will come.
Carrions of our youthful demeanor
Aged by the adult ambition of togetherness.
Boundless in its promise.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Rain and relaxation

The gig at Opus went really well. A shaky start and then things started to move. Thrilled about it.

Took a flight home the next day. I'm currently cooling my heels at home in Kerala. Came for a wedding reception that finished quickly. The tradition in cochin is guests just eat and leave. Suits me fine. no extra hanging around and pretending to recognize people i don't really remember. I have 24 FIRST cousins on my dad's side of the family so you can imagine how chaotic it is keeping track.

Soon after lunch a cyclonic wind began to blow and i saw the Monsoon come in. It was beautiful, especially on the waterfront itself. There's that smell... its not rain on earth, its more rain on salt water. Hits you like a brick to the face. There were little kids crying and running to their mothers yelling "Tsunami!!!Tsunami!!!" And somehow you just know that at least half the adults are thinking the very same thing. Only they're too dignified to run in their silk Saris and white Dhotis. There was dust everywhere, a muddy taste on your lips as you lick them and a grainy feeling on your exposed neck as you rub it. The Robin Liquid Blue-White Shamiana turned tan and then back to its original colours as the ropes of rain began to fall. Long, thick and consistant.

Its been raining ever since. My house is on the water front so there's always that smell that accompanies you. Over the bouquet of grated cocoanut, frying curry leaves and boiling tea. You can smell the rain on the sea. Exquisite.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Lift Off

Finally after all these years of jamming with different people i've found the perfect spot. Wedged between an incredible bassist and a super guitarist. Both of whom aren't wankers which is the highest pinnacle of musicianship...without switching over to jazz. There is only so much one can be impressed with technicality. After that you need feel... soul.

Its so difficult to find people who know exactly when less is more. I've found mine. At our very first gig, something magical happened. i cannot really describe it. One of thoses where no song is introduced, most are songs no one in the audience knows, there was no noise while we played, rapt attention and something really special happening on stage.

Thank you mysterious forces of the universe. I will be eternally grateful...

"Sometimes a Jimi Thing slides my way and keeps me swinging"