Ostrich - Speak... Hell what more can i say???!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tall Cold one....

It's official. I have been cannonized. I am the Matron saint of beer. My three miracles:-

1. My chilled beering hips
2. My beer hugs
3. My bottoms up.

From now on you may address me as Saint Ostrich the Yakke

That will be all

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Back and Forth

Spent a week in the mountains with my band Hook. It was such a wonderful trip for the three of us. Went on a trek and picked our own M&Ms. We've finished 2 songs and have half a new one. they're all awesome. All recorded on my trusty MD PLayer, many thanks for loan of microphone to R of TAAQ. Had my first Hallucinogenic experience. It was beautiful. I am an organic girl, its settled. Felt like a little mouse in a shoe, while S played guitar outside the door, thrown open to a spectacular view of the mountains. He made the flowers grow with his music. I was so happy i cried a little. PLenty of Table tennis, Tea, Whiskey, Music and snooker. Speaking of Snooker i think its time for me to graduate from French table to tournament size for good. I played both the boys on one team and me on the other and wiped the table with them. 20-80. T'was a proud moment :)

On a different note, came across a poster for a local music school. It said that the times of Janis joplin and JImi Hendrix were over so its safe to send you little girls and boys there for good clean music lessons. Idiocy is rampant. And that's an incredibly narrow way to look at music. not to mention judgemental. It makes me very angry.

Seen the mountains, now off the beach with my 2 best friends. Gokarna beckons. Intend to float around on the sea and burn like a happy brownie. Back on Monday.