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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Half Way Point

Weddings are a huge circus and this one is at the half way point. This ol' clown is feeling the cracks in her thick make-up. They're starting to resemble the ones on her heels. The red veins in her eyes are nothing compared to the big one on her forehead, straining for a view of the happy couple. One of the rightful Ring-Mistresses, she is demoted daily to bearer of sherbets and ghee engorged sweets. This act has been on for way too long, and its only at the half way point. She will have to plod on, smile her twisted smile, the 2 frozen teardrops, the reddened nose... all for the flashing bulbs of posterity. Tomorrow maybe she'll sing a sing. Maybe she'll strangle an aunt... who knows. One can never tell at the half way point...