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Friday, November 11, 2005

Life and then some

I have moved to a lovely big flat with two lovely mad women. As soon i get around to unpacking the last of my boxes i have this feeling i'm going to buying many things for the house... Compulsive decorator. Although much to booma's dismay and violent projectile vomiting there is one set of pink curtains in the living room :) *hug* for Boomsa

Went on a bender the day before, still recovering... Off to a jazz concert today. Bassist Jonas Hellborg from sweden is playing at the Windsor Manor and for once I've been invited to something interesting. The last time they called to see if i wanted to go to Ivan and Barker's pool grind...Um....i don't think so Tim. Will review concert in next update. Hope its good, not like the last Swedish installment the Dylan/Reed aspirant.

In other news, Hook has finished recording a 3 song demo. Roger, will send you a copy Asap. Mail me with your address again. Also in the pipeline, collaborating with a German producer to make some lounge rock style music. Meanwhile my solo album still languishes...

Still haven't got computer set up yet. Will be a while before the posting gets really regular again so bear with the Ostrich. Or Beer with the Ostrich... both are good. Ta