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Sunday, February 13, 2005

I think I'm going to watch the sunrise

So, its 5.20 AM on Monday morning and i'm still wide awake. Had a terrible start on Sunday... Dishes piled up from here to kingdom come, absent maid, no water in the Taps... couldn't have a bath even. So, so irritable. Finally got out of the house at 4:30 PM, no food in our bellies and a head full of angry bees. Plus i missed my favourite TV Shows. Headed straight to Pecos and abstained from beer and settled for a Pub Lunch. trying to rescue my voice from the ravages of pollution, dust, smoke and the like. Not doing very well in that respect.

Things started looking up around Sicks...clever...ptooey. Met up with the gang from the airshow and shot some pool at Guzzler's Inn. Didn't Drink. Was dying to. "please sir, can i have a whiskey water" Oliverette Twisted. Post Pool, headed to the Dragon Villa... watched child genius. Felt smart about myself until i realised it was a Quiz designed for 8th Graders. Bah, Humbug. Went Home after and the peops and i had some laughs and things were good again. Took loads of pictures and videos on my phone and then settled down at 1:30 AM to watch 'Red Beard' directed by Kurasawa. Lovely Film and i'd recommend Akira to anyone who's had a dismal to so-so day. Only it finished about 3 1/2 hours later. Bananarana had given me a fabulous oil massage earlier so took a hot bath, washed the smelly oil out of my hair and here i am.

I'm leaning towards a couple of games of Rocket Mania and then i shall watch the sunrise. Ages and ages since i did this sober. Its a surprising feeling. Like when you run flat out after years and the feeling of speed gives you a wicked shock. Intense feelings you haven't felt in a while. They seem to sit, waiting patiently in the depths of your Long Term memory and jump out with an overwhelming "Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Like good scotch, matured and then aired. scotch...mmmmm

Watch sunrise it is, maybe take a shot or two of it as well. And then lie in wait for the maid when she comes in at 8:30 and give her an earful... Tomorrow will be a long, dreary Monday. But atleast the Morning will start beautifully.


At 3:54 AM, Blogger JP said...

Hah!!! Cheers, then. Would you like me to link to your other blog, which I presume is dedicated to actual writing as opposed to actual chroniclising?


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