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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Inspiration Point

What is it that brings inspired ideas gushing in? Or did i just answer my own question?! I have a dislike for hard drugs because i magine that even while they unlock some parts of your mind and make for interesting experience, you tend to miss all that's really interesting in the world around you. Introspection is a very important thing for an artist but can you really produce good art if you don't connect the personal to an experiential anchor? Anyone would be a complete liar if they said they didn't feel the need to connect with other warm intellegent bodies.

I've thought about this a lot because it directly effects the sonwriting process. Anyone can use a medium cleverly, but its not enough. You need to have a sense of reality, whether your own or situational. There is no one way to do things and its that variation that makes art and culture so captivating. You can have a product thats peppered with superb language and have not a single good idea within it. At the same time, you can have a simple, straightforward piece of verse that is bursting with ideas. Tastes vary but I pesonally much prefer a fabulous idea that's not masked under layers and layers of euphamisms. And if you can combine thought and feeling with genius craft then more power to you!

I had an interesting discussion with a friend who believes that music has no higher purpose than to entertain. And on the other hand her band mate felt otherwise. I thought while they were making different arguements on the surface, in a big picture they were both just saying quite similar things. Considering that shallowness and depth are fabricated, there is a thought process that goes into either. And that would be the art, of making music presumably. So you've set out to create something with an idea of what its meant to acheive, acheiving that response validates it. whether it's having people tune out and just bopping to some ridiculous pop song or tuning in and re-evaluating their lives.

Commercial... what a frowned upon word! I think some of the best work is commercial! Led Zeppelin, Mozart, Dave brubeck... its commercial in some sense of the word. Their work makes tons of money, gets a huge amount of publicity and inducts new people into their various fan clubs daily. The reason lies in their work being oustanding. Having the ability to touch millions on many levels. So that makes Classic another euphamism for commercial....hmmmm...

Makes you wonder if there really is any art for art's sake alone... or just sour grapes...


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