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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Taking my head out of the sand

Private Journals are so passe! In with the Blogs! Out with locks and keys! Just had a Marvelous Breakfast of Sausages, Cheesy Omlettes, Fried Tomatoes, Smoked Beef Bacon, Toast and Tea.... This is India, Nothing says i Love you like a clogged artery. Point in case the grandmother. Mine refuses to let me get off the table until my eyes pop. If you can still walk away, there's probably more room she feels.

The first thought i had this morning was that the gates at the Sting concert open at 5.30 and i need to be there by 5.25. Its a week away and i'm already smiling like a complete Idiot. Time to take out my treasured Police Box set and gaze at it lovingly again. Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, one of my favourite holy Trinities! Anyway, One out of three is good enough for me! And How!

Happy Happy Happy! Joy Joy Joy!!!


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